Economic Research

Our economic research, which is focused on the capital market, provides strategic assessments of macro-economic trends, interest markets, and foreign-exchange markets.

Our capital-market-oriented economic research deals with macro-economic issues and provides the related forecasts. It also focuses on the trends in interest and foreign-exchange markets.

The key issues dealt with in our economic research analyses include:

The macro-economic environment

Regular and situational growth and inflation forecasts provide consistent information on the state of the global economy. They focus predominantly on Germany, the Eurozone, the USA, and China.

Interest rates and yields

The outlook addresses the policy rates of major central banks, above all the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve. In addition, we provide forecasts for the three-month money market rate and for ten-year government bonds. We have a forecast horizon of up to twelve months.


We provide forecasts for many currency pairs, in particular EUR-USD, EUR-GBP, and EUR-CHF. We have a forecast horizon of up to twelve months.


The findings of our analyses are included in various Bankhaus Lampe publications. Our flagship publication is our quarterly Capital Market Outlook. In addition, we comment on current economic data relevant to the capital market as well as on the key rate decisions of major central banks. Our economic research also includes presentations and advisory services.