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Reading PDF documents

As our client, you can download various documents in *.pdf format. To do so, you need Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge in the adjacent Info Box.


Copyright and sources

Conditions of use:

The sole purpose of the information that can be retrieved and the results generated and displayed using the available presentation and analysis tools is to inform visitors of Bankhaus Lampe’s offerings. They do not constitute investment advice or any other recommendation.

All copyrights and other rights relating to all web pages, including layout, source text, software and content, are held by Bankhaus Lampe and IT-On.NET GmbH.

The retrieval, copying, saving, editing and modification of web pages, their content or any results generated and displayed using presentation tools, either in whole or in part, may only be carried out for private and not for commercial use. Copyright notices and trademarks may not be altered or removed.

All other usage and actions require the prior written consent of Bankhaus Lampe.

The information provided may not be retrieved in a manner that is detrimental to or prevents use by other users.

The creation of a hyperlink from other websites to a web page forming part of this online service is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Bankhaus Lampe. In particular, the use of the web pages forming part of this online service or of their contents in a subwindow from another website by means of a hyperlink is not allowed.


Information about possible conflicts of interest

Bankhaus Lampe KG may directly, or via its affiliates / subsidiaries, own an interest in the issuer(s) of securities analysed by Bankhaus Lampe KG or trade in such securities. Corporate bodies, executives and employees of Bankhaus Lampe KG or its affiliates / subsidiaries may also own interests or positions in securities or financial products that are the subject of valuations prepared by Bankhaus Lampe KG. In addition, Bankhaus Lampe may (have) belong(ed) to a consortium that participated in the issue of securities, which are the subject of a valuation. Furthermore, Bankhaus Lampe may also provide banking and/or advisory services to the issuers of such securities and may potentially manage analysed securities on the stock exchange or in the market based on a contractual agreement with the respective issuers. Moreover, corporate bodies and/or employees of Bankhaus Lampe KG or its affiliates / subsidiaries may perform supervisory functions for issuers whose securities are the subject of valuations.


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