• Global risk premiums as part of the multi-asset concept
  • Lampe GRIP fund now available in advanced asset management for wealthy private clients
  • Additional investment opportunities for professional clients
  • Dr Bernd Scherer is the fund manager


Dusseldorf, 26 April 2018 - Bankhaus Lampe has expanded its product range in Wealth and Asset Management to include the risk premium fund Lampe GRIP, which offers its private clients the opportunity to invest in this particular strategy. Bankhaus Lampe is thus consistently pursuing the path of professionalising and institutionalising capital investment, opening up an additional investment opportunity in advanced asset management activities. At the same time, Bankhaus Lampe offers professional clients an additional investment opportunity with the risk premium fund Lampe GRIP. The minimum subscription amount for institutional clients is € 1 million.

The Lampe GRIP fund invests in global risk premiums across all asset classes (equities, currencies, commodities, volatility, credit and fixed income). Beyond beta, it is seen as an absolute return approach with a target volatility of 5 percent and a Sharpe Ratio of 1. The strategy focuses on systematic diversification and active management through economic phases and risk on/off episodes. The fund volume at the start is approximately € 200 million. Fund manager of Lampe GRIP is Dr Bernd Scherer, Head of Wealth Solutions at Bankhaus Lampe and Research Associate at EDHEC-Risk Institute in Nice. Dr Bernd Scherer has been working for the Bankhaus Lampe since February 2017. He has more than 20 years’ experience in portfolio management at various banks, investment companies and fund boutiques. The GRIP Fund lamp was developed in collaboration with the Systematic Trading Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs to ensure efficient and risk-controlled access to scientifically validated risk premiums.

"Together with our globally active co-operation partner Goldman Sachs, we offer our clients participation in over 20 global risk premiums. We are thus implementing another component of our systematic multi-asset strategy," explained Klemens Breuer, Spokesman of the General Partners of Bankhaus Lampe and responsible for the overall Management of the Bank, asset management and the private and corporate clients divisions.

"We are pleased to support Bankhaus Lampe as a partner in the innovative risk premium fund Lampe GRIP and thus also in the further development of the traditional bank's asset management," stated Stefan Bollinger, Co-Head of Global Sales Strats and Equity and Fixed Income Structuring, Goldman Sachs Securities Division. "The Lampe GRIP fund gives investors access to a broad, actively managed portfolio of alternative risk premiums and thus promises considerable diversification advantages, particularly in relation to traditional investments such as equities and bonds.“

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