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Online-Banking | Update security protocol TLS 1.2

On 01/05/2018 we deactivated the security protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1. For further information, please read the following newsletter.

Safety first: with security protocol TLS 1.2 (Only available in German)

Security information

24-hour hotline: +49 (0)521 582-1177

Protect your access data from unauthorised access. Do not pass the access data on to third parties. No employee of Bankhaus Lampe KG will ask you for your PIN or a TAN over the phone or by e-mail. Treat unusual TAN requests with caution (for example allegedly additional security measures). The Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken) has published an information pamphlet on online banking security, which is available below.

Online and mobile banking - secure with browser and app
(Only available in German)

How to protect myself against phishing? (Only available in German)

Online banking with PIN and e-photoTAN

In this procedure, you will see a graphic of colored dots. You can scan them with your smartphone or a special reader. The app converts the graphic into a TAN that you use to confirm and share your order.

Online banking with PIN and mobileTAN

As a further development of the traditional TAN procedure, you can receive a transaction number by text message (SMS) to your mobile phone with the relevant order data (e.g. recipient account number and amount) to authorise your orders. We offer this procedure free of charge. In addition to the mobile TAN procedure, you can continue to use you iTAN list.

Registration to use the mobileTAN procedure

Please send us your application to use the mobileTAN by post.

Online banking with HBCI and electronic signature

Utilise the additional security offered by the electronic signature procedure to make your online banking even more secure. All you need is an HBCI-enabled (home banking computer interface) software program together with a compatible chip card reader and corresponding chip card. As an alternative to the chip card, you can of course also store the electronic signature on another storage medium (e.g. USB stick).

Online banking | Electronic inbox

Receive the account statements and accounting documents for your online banking activities using the Electronic inbox - it’s convenient and paperless. The Electronic inbox is free of charge for Bankhaus Lampe clients. You merely have to have activated your online banking account. We will then be happy to set up an Electronic inbox for you. To do this, please click on “set up Electronic inbox” in the secure area of your online banking portal and confirm the order with a TAN.

Service for corporate clients

The proven MultiCash product is available for operational transactions and cash management. Our service naturally includes the installation, practical implementation and support in daily use by experienced IT experts.

As an additional service, we offer our corporate clients remote maintenance via TeamViewer. If you have entered into a remote maintenance agreement, you can start the remote maintenance by clicking the following link. Do not start the remote maintenance procedure until you have spoken with our helpdesk staff (+49 (0)521 582-1112).

Start Remote Maintenance


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