Structured solutions are used for complex cases. This is a one of our special advisory services.


Working closely together, lawyers, tax consultants, mathematicians and business experts in our bank, we draw up bespoke solutions for banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other financial institutions.

They support our specialists in the following cases with structured solutions:


  • Structuring and arranging tailor-made investment instruments, including setting up funds or investment companies and using subsidiaries
  • Analysing receivables portfolios and alternative assets and investing in efficient packaged solutions
  • Advising on investments and optimising capital allocation

Refinancing optimisation

  • Structuring collateralised refinancing instruments
  • Developing forfaiting/securitisation solutions and repo transactions
  • Arranging foreign currency refinancing through private placements to selected investors

Advising in special situations

  • Analysing and managing regulatory issues for banks and insurance companies
  • Analysing and optimising the impact of investment and financing instruments on accounting (German accounting rules/International Financial Reporting Standards) and regulatory treatment (Capital Requirements Regulation, Capital Requirements Directive iV, Solvency II)
  • Analysing, monitoring and assuming responsibility for reporting services in respect of receivables portfolios and providing support in identifying and managing credit risks

Our subsidiary Lampe Credit Advisors GmbH supports you in matters relating to corporate restructuring, balance sheet structure, portfolio management and alternative assets.