We support insurance companies, pension funds, investment companies, ...


... pension institutions, foundations, associations, companies, church and non-profit organisations as well as banks and asset managers with liquid and illiquid asset management and help them to select bonds and the corresponding derivative products.

Due to the extremely low-yield environment in the eurozone, institutional investors are faced with the challenge of generating adequate returns with moderate risk. On top of this, volatile market phases and special influences are making it difficult to invest. Our range includes tailor-made investment solutions, the launch and management of asset management mandates, special funds, public funds as well as SICAVs and active portfolio management. Represented in this range are both liquid and illiquid asset management products are that are tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients.

In the area of bonds, we provide assistance in the purchase and sale of bonds and advice on portfolio management. We reconcile your portfolio and interest book based on economic and regulatory requirements. We decide whether and how your portfolio should be restructured together with you. Our range includes domestic and foreign bearer instruments and registered securities, borrower’s note loans, selected corporate bonds and structured bond products.


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