Our subsidiary Lampe Asset Management GmbH in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt/Main manages more than seven billion euros for institutional investors.


The first step you take in devising an investment strategy is to determine what risk you can bear. This in turn determines which European blue chips and mid-caps are selected. Fixed income paper has an investment grade rating. The employees of Lampe Asset Management are highly experienced in managing small caps and absolute return-oriented investment strategies.

The asset managers of our subsidiary Lampe Asset Management GmbH advice and assist institutional investors in investing in specialist and retail funds and accept institutional asset management mandates. They are especially experienced in the active management of customised and risk-adjusted European equity, bond and balanced mandates.

Lampe Asset Management GmbH cooperates with capital investment companies and custodian banks and has worked with Universal-Investment GmbH for many years.


Erwin Lochten
Lampe Asset Management GmbH
Tel: +49 211 95742-515
erwin.lochten [at] lampe-am.de
Sebastian Napiralla
Lampe Asset Management GmbH
Tel: +49 69 244487891
sebastian.napiralla [at] lampe-am.de