We have borne the name of our founder for over 160 years.


This obliges us to act in a responsible manner. We therefore still strive to follow the ideals of an “honourable and respectable entrepreneur”.

In 1852, Hermann Lampe established Bankhaus Lampe in Minden. The bank quickly emerged as an able provider of financial services to respected businesses. After Germany's currency reform and the introduction of the Deutschmark, Bankhaus Lampe was converted from a general to a limited partnership in 1949. The Bielefeld industrialist Rudolf-August Oetker became the majority partner and later a personally liable partner. A short time later, the bank’s head office was relocated to Bielefeld. In the years thereafter, Bankhaus Lampe developed into one of Germany's leading private banks.

The bank extended its regional presence by establishing new branches in Düsseldorf, Münster, Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Munich. The acquisition of Bankhaus Erich Sültz in 1968 also gave the group a branch in Hamburg. By integrating Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft gegr. 1899 AG in 1998, Bankhaus Lampe strengthened its presence at Germany’s most important stock exchange. In 2007, it opened offices in Stuttgart and Dresden and one year later in Osnabrück and Bonn. With the Bremen office, Bankhaus Lampe now has branches in 12 German cities and further offices in London and Vienna.


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