To contact our Compliance Officer use the fax number or email address provided below.

You can also leave confidential information in an anonymous mailbox. You can use this for pure text messages as well as all types of files, i.e. text files, tables, presentations, images, audio and video files.

The only persons that have access to this mailbox are our Compliance Officer and his deputy. Your data will be transmitted in encrypted form. In addition, we are unable to trace the path or the sender. If, however, you wish to be contacted, send us a phone number or an e-mail address or choose the open route through our Compliance Officer.

Anonymous message to the Compliance Officer

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Frank Daniels
Head of Compliance / Money Laundering
Bankhaus Lampe KG
Schwannstraße 10
40476 Düsseldorf
Fax +49 (0)211 4952-603
E-mail frank.daniels [ät]