Emergency hotline for blocking cards and access


Credit cards and girocards

If you lose your credit card or girocard you should have it blocked immediately. You can arrange to have the card blocked by calling the following number.

+49 116116 hotline for blocking cards

Nationwide central service for blocking credit and girocards (operated by SERVODATA GmbH)

Hotline for blocking credit cards (MasterCard®)

If your credit card (MasterCard®) is lost or stolen, you can have it blocked immediately. Unfortunately, this service is not available for girocards.

+ 49 69 79331910 Hotline for blocking credit cards immediately (MasterCard®)

The blocking procedure is performed immediately by FIRST DATA.


In addition, we recommend that you notify the police immediately if your card is stolen.


Electronic signature media

If you lose your electronic signature media (PIN/TAN, HBCI or EBICS) or if you suspect misuse, you should block your electronic account access immediately.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following number.

+49 (0)521 582-1177 24-hour hotline for electronic signature media

(This service is provided in cooperation with A. Sutter Dialog Services GmbH.)



Credit cards and girocards
+49 116116

Hotline for blocking credit cards immediately (MasterCard®)
+49 69 79331910

Electronic signature media
+49 (0)521 582-1177


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