More than 670 people work in the Bankhaus Lampe Group.


Besides Bankhaus Lampe KG, the group includes 12 branches in Germany and offices in London, New York and Wien as well as several subsidiaries and equity interests.

Lampe Asset Management GmbH assists institutional clients, including insurance companies, pension funds, foundations and churches in the management of specialist and retail funds.

Lampe Capital Finance GmbH invests the capital it raises in German medium-sized companies in the form of individual mezzanine financing and open, minority equity investments.

Lampe Capital UK Ltd. provides services to institutional clients in the UK. Together with specialists at Bankhaus Lampe, the company advises institutional investors on the selection and allocation of German equities.

Lampe Credit Advisors GmbH advises financial institutions and corporate clients on complex questions regarding balance sheet structure management, portfolio management and alternative assets.

Lampe Privatinvest Management GmbH concentrates on equity finance in the form of minority equity interests for German medium-sized firms and is funded by a select group of entrepreneurially oriented private investors.


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